A Stamp That Shows the Extent of French Empire

10 May 2018  Thu

In 1940, France issued a semi-postal stamp picturing its empire. Known as “la France d'outre-mer” or “Overseas France” the stamp shows the Extent of French Empire.

France was one of the leading imperialist nations which established colonies in Asia along with the British. However, the competition with Great Britain rendered France with a loss of her colonies. In the mid-1800s, France rebuilt a new Empire, concentrating chiefly on Africa as well as Indochina and the South Pacific.

By the beginning of the Second World War I the Second French Colonial Empire, sprawled over 10 percent of the world’s land area, second only to the British Empire in extent and influence. This achievement was boasted by Nation in the form of a Stamp.

A semi-postal stamp was issued in May 1940. Semi-postal stamps are issued to raise money for a particular purpose (usually a charitable cause) and sold at a premium over their postal value. In the case of this stamp, 1 franc paid for postage and the additional 25 centimes was for war charities.

The stamp comes with bright red colour and depicts a Map of the World with the Territory of French Empire highlighted in Red. However, soon after the German occupation of France; France lost her colonies in Indo-China.

Image Courtesy: http://www.ephemeraltreasures.net

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