Macedonia to Release Its First Polymer Banknotes

08 May 2018  Tue

Macedonia is all set for its first polymer notes, in the form of new 10- and 50-denar banknotes which will be released on 15th May. The 10-Denar note is equal to 20 US cents while the 50-Denar note is equal to $1 US. The Central Bank will be releasing these notes to reduce long-term costs and to improve security features.

The earlier versions of the same denomination were made out of cotton paper and were released on 8th September 1996. Though these older versions will be removed from circulation, they can be exchanged for new ones at banks without any extra charge.

The basic designs remain the same, however, new security features have been added such as a transparent window, security threads, micro-text, hidden elements visible only under ultraviolet light. The 10-denar note depicts a peacock, The 50-denar note depicts the reverse of a bronze follis of the Byzantine Emperor Anastasius (491 to 518), struck at Nikomedia (Turkey) mint.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Macedonia

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