Silver heavy Rupee of Jahangir

02 May 2018  Wed

Mirza Nuruddin Beig Mohammed Khan Salim was known in history by his imperial name Salim or Jahangir. He was the fourth Mughal emperor who ruled between 1605 – 1627 CE. Among all the Mughal Emperors he was undoubtedly the greatest patron of fine arts. He took a great interest in it.

Engraved here is a silver heavy Rupee of Jahangir from Qandhar mint. The obverse side of the coin bears the legend ‘Shah Nur-al-Din Jahangir Ibne Akbar Badshah’ while reverse depicts the legend ‘Rooye Zar Ra Sakhat Noorani Ba rang Mihr-o-Mah’ followed by Zarb Kandhar at bottom.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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