Deadly Shark Featured on Latest Austrian Glow-in-the-Dark Coin

28 Apr 2018  Sat

Austrian Mint will release the seventh coin in its Colorful Creatures series of three-euro glow-in-the-dark collector coins featuring a Shark on 6th June. Like all other coins in the series, this one also comes with a Special Uncirculated finish. The animals shown on all the 12 coins from this series will be engraved and colored to photorealistic effect. Sharks are known for their sharp teeth, dead eyes and torpedo-like build. The great white shark is depicted on the reverse. It has shades of blue and white with glow-in-the-dark properties. Different kinds of corals, a hammerhead shark and a part of a sunken ship are shown in the background. Other inscriptions include "2018" and "HAI" which means "Shark" in German. The reverse features all the animals that are a part of the series. Flying animals are at the top, the ones found on land are placed in the middle while the sea creatures are grouped below. Flowers and stars are shown with land animals, while dots and circles symbolizing bubbles are shown with sea creatures. A pointillistic effect is used for the reverse design. Other inscriptions include REPUBLIK OSTERREICH; 3 and EURO separated by a paw print. Mintage limit for these 16 grams Cupro-nickel coin is 50,000 pieces.

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