First of Danish Philately

27 Apr 2018  Fri

Denmark's postal history begins with an ordinance in the early 1600s by King Christian IV, establishing a national postal service. With the passage of time, the postal system of Denmark underwent many transitions.

The first Danish stamps for the prepayment of postage on letter mail appeared on 1st April 1851 followed by the second set on 1st May. They were all in a rectangular shape and printed using typography method.

The first stamp issued on 1st April 1851 comes with the value of four (Fire) rigs bank skilling. Printed in brown, this stamp depicts a square design with a crown, sword, and sceptre in the centre. It is inscribed with "Kingdom Postage Stamp" and the denomination in Danish.

The second stamp was issued a month later i.e. on 5th may 1851 and it is denominated “2rbs”. The stamp is printed in blue and has a different design. However, the common feature of the two stamps is that both of them feature the crown of the Danish Kingdom.

The second stamp - the 2rbs blue stamp – is one of a kind and very rare. A block from the First Printing of Plate 2 was last sold in a David Feldman December 2011 auction for US $250,000.00.

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