Highlights of Todywalla Auctions

24 Apr 2018  Tue

In Shukla day Coin Fair Todywalla commenced three auctions, the coins and banknotes from different periods of India and the world were listed to auction in these three days. The silver tanka of Tripura was sold for INR 4, 50,000 by the Todywalla on 20th April 2018.

This coin was minted in the reign of Radha Kishore Deb Barman Manikya in TE 1306/AD 1896. This coin is extremely rare, is in superb mint condition and it is a very high-grade coin. Similar to this coin, the Gold Dinar of Samudragupta was sold for INR 1, 10,000.

The gold Mohur of Shah Jahan went for INR 1, 25,000, the Kachar silver coin was sold for INR 1, 30,000. In the second auction held on 21st of April the ¼ the gold mohur was sold for INR 1, 20,000. The gold coins of Queen Victoria were sold for INR 1, 40,000 to 1, 60,000.

The third day saw the auction of banknotes and medals, the 1000 rupee of King George VI was sold for INR 1, 70,000 and two rupees and eight Anna note of King George VI was sold for INR 295,000.

These three auctions of Todywalla had fantastic and amazing collections.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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