Civil Service day

21 Apr 2018  Sat

An organisation or an administrative system is like a vehicle which cannot move along on one wheel. Even a king, who runs a kingdom, needs a set of advisers said by Kautilya in Arthashastra. The configuration system of recruitment various according to time and societies, but in the history of public administration, there is no state that can exist without bureaucracy.

Today, 21st April India celebrated Civil service Day, occasions were civil servants rededicate's themselves to the cause of the nation. They also renew their commitment to the public service on this day. The first initiative of civil service started in China, European became aware of this system in mid 18th century. The first European civil service was started by the East India Company in India and not in Europe. It administrated as ‘Honourable East India Company Civil Servants’. It continued as an Imperial Civil Service of India after the Queen’s Proclamation.

As the nation comes to age, this national service constitutes the permanent executive of modern India. The civil service has played a vital role in the task of nation-building. It was a Sardar Patel’s vision that the civil services should strengthen cohesion and national unity, he wanted it to be the strong and vibrant steel frame for the administration of the country.

Today, the Civil Service has tried to meet the expectation of the country and its citizens with revolution, induction and extensive use of technology for the systematic change.

To mark this day India Post has issued a commemorative stamp in 2008, this stamp is philatelic innovation, as the Ashokan Emblem on the stamp has been embossed.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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