Coins of Muhammad Adil Shah of Suri Dynasty

18 Apr 2018  Wed

Suri Dynasty was founded by the powerful medieval Pashtun conqueror Sher Shah whose real name was Farid Khan. Muhammad Adil Shah was the fourth ruler of the Suri dynasty.

Muhammad Adil Shah sat on the throne in the year 1552 CE and ruled it till 1556 CE. When Muhammad Adil Shah sat on the throne he had lost both Delhi and Agra and hence forth he made his headquarters further east probably at Chunar and Qanauj. Due to this reason, coins issued by him had fewer mints compared to those of his predecessors.

Muhammad Adil Shah issued coins in silver and copper. In silver, he issued the denominations like rupee and half-rupee. Silver rupee issued by him were minted in the mints like ‘Agrah’, ‘Chunar’, Gwalior, Jhusi (Situated in Allahabad district), ‘Kalpi’, ‘Narnol’, ‘Shergarh Bakkar’ and Prayag (old name of Allahabad). Silver square rupee issued by him usually minted in Narnol. Half- Rupee issued by him minted in Agrah.

In copper, he issued the denomination like Paisa and Half-Paisa. Copper coins issued by him were minted in ‘chunar’, ‘Gwalior’, ‘Jaunpur’, ‘Kalpi’, and ‘Shahgarh’,.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction.

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