Gold Mohur of Queen Victoria is auctioned by Imperial Auctions

17 Apr 2018  Tue

Imperial Auction is commencing an online auction from 28th to 29th April 2018 for all the eager collectors. It will be a golden chance to get hold of many unique, rare and fascinating coins, stamps and notes from their collection.

The above-shown image illustrates the gold mohur of Queen Victoria. This coin is auctioned by the Imperial Auctions in the second Session of its auction held on 29th April from 11:00 am. This coin weight around 11.64 grams and was issued by the Calcutta mint in 1875.

This coin consists two types of flowers with initials ‘V’ in the relief. The coins consist circulation mark on both sides, it is about UNC and extremely rare specimen.

Imperial Auctions is selling this coin for estimating, bid for INR 3,00000 to 3250000. Don’t miss the change to add this coin to your collection.

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Image courtesy: Imperial Auctions

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