Lego Bricks on Stamps

17 Apr 2018  Tue

On 4th December, Malaysia released six 60 sen stamps featuring Legos and children’s holiday activities. Founded in Denmark in 1932, the Lego Group and its building bricks products are extremely popular even today. The plastic Lego brick was launched in 1958. The first Legoland theme park opened in Denmark in 1968. These se-tenant stamps were issued in a pane of 36. Panes of 10 with a selvage depicting scenes of Legoland Malaysia were also released.

Legoland Malaysia is the sixth Theme-park of its kind which celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2017. England, Germany, Dubai, Japan, and the United States also have these kinds of Theme-parks.

Legoland characters are shown along with and children and their families doing different activities. Inscriptions on each stamp are quality time, water activities, picnic time, sightseeing, extreme activities, and recreation. Lego figures like a surfer and toy soldier are also shown.

A Danish stamp depicts two red two-by-four bricks and the Isle of Man shows a boy building a fort using Lego bricks. Sweden’s Toy booklet featured a stamp in 2000 depicting a red and yellow Lego car. Denmark issued two more stamps in 2016 depicting Lego blocks and mini-figures.

Image Courtesy: Malaysian Post

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