New Stamp Commemorates Israel’s 70th Independence Day

14 Apr 2018  Sat

Israel Postal Service released a new commemorative stamp celebrating the country’s 70th Independence Day. The stamp tries to showcase 70 years of Israeli achievements in the fields of excellence: science, agriculture, academia, and business.

Graphic artist Tal Huber illustrated famous Israeli inventions like the UBS memory stick, cherry tomatoes and water conservation methods, such as drip irrigation.

Israeli success in academia, science, sports, agriculture, music, film and business is represented through different symbols. Business is symbolised using Diamonds and a seeing-eye dog. The word “Israel” is featured in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. A 1915 inspiring excerpt from a vision of Israel written by the country’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion is shown on the first-day cover.

Image Courtesy: Israel Postal Service