The Algerian Red Crescent Charity Stamp

13 Apr 2018  Fri

The Red Crescent Charity Stamp of Algeria is the rarest and the first stamp of the country.

This 1f+9f olive-green, black & red perforated semi-postal stamp became the first stamp of Algeria after the country gained independence from France. Issued on 1st of November 1962, the stamp also commemorates the 8th Anniversary of the Algerian Revolution.

The stamp is in vibrant green colour and depicts a hand holding a flag of Algeria. Behind it, a map of Africa is seen with the Algerian territory highlighted in it. The stamp shows Persian inscription and a date 1 Nov 54 – 1Nov 62 referring to the 8 years of independence.

The stamp comes with the denomination One plus Nine as its face value is 1 Franc with an added surcharge of 9 Francs for the benefit of the children of Chouhadas (fighters). The stamp also has a crescent and a star overprinted in red Ink.

The stamp probably didn't see any real postal use, because it is listed in catalogues as only in mint condition. It is the most expensive Algerian stamp with a catalogue value of 400 Euro in Yvert.

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