Perot Provisional - Bermuda's First Stamp

10 Apr 2018  Tue

The Perot Provisional was Bermuda’s first postage stamp which was produced locally by Hamilton postmaster William B. Perot. Bermuda’s first stamp, in 1848, was a provisional issue because the postmaster was being cheated by letter-writers.

The first stamps which were first issued in Great Britain in 1840, had not yet appeared in Bermuda. Hence, Perot, who had set up a post office at his house, placed a box for depositing letters with the nominal fee of 1 penny. However, the postal box always contained more letters than coins.

Meanwhile, Perot heard about Provisional Stamps which were issued by Virginia Postmaster in the absence of government-authorized postage stamps. Tired of being cheated by the people, Perot decided to issue his own stamp by striking his circular hand stamp on a sheet of bluish paper.

The Stamp reads ‘Hamilton’ across the top and ‘Bermuda’ across the bottom in a black inscription. Words "1 penny" are seen in the centre above with the year of the stamp and Perot’s signature below it.

That is how a round temporary postage stamp of Bermuda was born.

Today, only 11 pieces of the stamp have been found. Most of them are now owned by European royalty, including Queen Elizabeth herself.

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