Beautiful 10,000 Tenge of Kazakhstan

30 Mar 2018  Fri

This beautiful 10,000 Tenge snow leopard note issued by Kazakhstan in 2003 depicts a snow leopard gracefully running against a background of mountains.

The Tenge has repeatedly honoured with professional awards. In 1994, the Kazakh currency received a gold medal for the beauty of its design and quality from Queen Elizabeth.

In addition, the award of the International Bank Note Society called Banknote of 2011 went to the national currency of Kazakhstan for the commemorative 10,000 Tenge banknote, which was devoted to the 20th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan. In 2012, the same award – Banknote of the Year was given to the 5,000 Tenge bill of the Kazakh Eli series. And in 2014, denominations in the nominal value of the 1,000 Tenge note devoted to the Turkic writing Kulteg?n became the Banknote of the Year as well.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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