Centenary of World War I Celebrated on Latest French Coins

29 Mar 2018  Thu

An Uncirculated .333 fine silver €10 coin and an Uncirculated .900 fine silver €100 coin were issued by France to observe 100 years of World War I. The face value of these coins is very close to the coin’s actual cost. The release is a part of a five-year program that celebrates milestones in the Great War. The obverse design remains the same while reverse design changes as per the face value.

This series was introduced in 2014. The coins honour all those men who fought during the war along with all women who were behind the lines. These brave acts were responsible for a historical change after the war ended.

The obverse of the latest coin features a soldier calling the cease-fire, wearing many flags along with a cornflower and a poppy. The background depicts the Arc de Triomphe. A soldier is shown under the Arc holding his child.

The reverse depicts the face value. An oak branch and a laurel branch forms the euro sign. The design is enclosed within a set of lines to symbolise France’s hexagonal shape.

The 17 grams €10 coin has a mintage limit of 100,000 pieces and costs €12 each. The 50 grams €100 coin has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and can be purchased for €118 each. Both coins come in a special package.

A circulating -commemorative €2 coin featuring the cornflower symbol on the obverse will also be released later. Colourful Brilliant Uncirculated and Proof versions, with blue a cornflower, are already available. The BU version has a mintage limit of 10,000 pieces and costs €10 each while the Proof version has a mintage limit of 10,000 and costs €20 each.

Image Courtesy: Monnaie de Paris

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