Billon Jital of Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah

27 Mar 2018  Tue

Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah (740/741-745; AD 1340-1344) was the Sultan of Madura. He was the successor of Qutb Al-Din Firuz Shah. He struck coins in gold, silver, and copper. All the gold coins struck by him are extremely rare. His gold Heavy Tanka was struck in the standard weight of 12gm.

One of his billon jital which weighs around 3.22gm was sold for a price of INR 12,500 at Classical Numismatic Gallery. The Obverse side of the coin is inscribed as "Al-Sultan Al-Azam Ghiyath Al-Dunya Wa-al-Din" and the reverse of the coin is depicted as "Muhammad Damghan Shah" written within the circle; Mint name and Date in words written in the margin.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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