Half Gold Manuel of Indo-Portuguese

26 Mar 2018  Mon

One of most beautiful and illustrative coin from the Goa during the Portuguese rule was sold for INR 3, 00,000.

This gold coin was issued in the reign of King Manuel I of Portugal and the Algarve, he was also known as Dom Manuel I the Fortunate. This half gold Manuel is also referred as Mea or 240 Reais. The obverse of this coin depicts a large crown at the top with ‘MEA’ inscribed it and a pellet depicted in the centre within dotted border.

The reverse of this coin depicts an Armillary sphere set on the base with very minute mount mark illustrated on the top within the dotted border. It was the very first gold issued for the Portuguese Goa colony.

This very fine and extremely rare half Manuel was sold by Todywalla Auction in Mumbai.

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Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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