Ahmad Shah Bahadur's Coin Sold For INR 2,75,000

14 Mar 2018  Wed

After the death of Muhammad Shah, his son Ahmad Shah Bahadur ruled between 1748 to 1754 CE. When Ahmed Shah came to power, the rule of the Mughal Empire almost collapsed. He ruled for almost six years. He was deposed by Vazier Feroze Jung III who later blinded him along with his mother. He spent the remaining years of his life in prison and died in the year 1775 at the age of 50.

This gold Pagoda was issued by Ahmad Shah Bahadur from the mint Karpa. The weight of the coin is around 2.8g. The obverse of the coin is inscribed the king’s name ‘Ahmad Shah Badshah’ with regnal year ‘Ahad’. A Persian letter ‘Jeem’ is also inscribed on the coin at the bottom. On the reverse side, the coin is inscribed with the mint name ‘Karpa’ with AH year 1162.

This coin was sold for INR 2,75,000 by Todywalla Auction.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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