175 Years of Swiss Stamps

14 Mar 2018  Wed

The Swiss postage stamp is celebrating its 175th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Swiss Post is releasing a special stamp in its first stamp issue of 2018.

The first Swiss stamps, Zurich 4 and Zurich 6, were issued 175 years ago on 1 March 1843. In doing so, Switzerland became the second country in the world after the United Kingdom to introduce a postage prepayment system. This made Switzerland one of the pioneers of this revolutionary idea for postal services.

This special occasion stamp with the value of 1 franc has a surcharge of 50 centimes. This beautiful red stamp is designed by Fabienne Angehrn and Lucerne and features the images of the first stamps of the country above which “175 Years of Swiss Stamps” is written in four languages.

Image Curtsey: www.wopa-plus.com

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