Thai National Elephant Day

13 Mar 2018  Tue

An elephant is one of the most beloved animals in the world. They and their babies are very heartwarming and we cannot resist them. From kids to adults, elephants win the hearts of all ages.

Do you know the elephant is the national animal of Thailand?

Yes! Let’s find out the reasons why this giant animal was chosen as Thailand’s national symbol.

An elephant is recognized for its incredible strength, durability, and longevity. The white elephant is a symbol of royalty in Thailand. According to a Buddhist tradition, on the eve of Buddha’s birth, his mother had a dream and was given a lotus flower by a white elephant. Initially, the Thai King used elephants in the battles against their enemies. Apart from this, the elephants were trained to put them into work like picking up wooden logs etc. So, they have religious and socio-economic reasons for adopting the elephant as their national animal.

However, with time, the numbers of elephants declined in Thailand and the government is taking a keen interest in protecting their national animal. 13th March in Thailand is devoted to their national animal as they celebrate this day as ‘National Elephant Day’. The Post of Thailand issued a stamp having the face value of Baht 3 depicting its national animal with its baby alongside.

Picture Courtesy: Colnect

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