Silver Nazarana Rupee of Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V

01 Mar 2018  Thu

Lying between the Sutlej River in North, the Himalayas in East, Yamuna River and Delhi District in South resides a Princely State of British India called Bahawalpur.

The state of Bahawalpur was established in the late 18th century when Muhammad Bahawal Khan II asserted his independence from the Afghan. The independence was short-lived, however, as the state came under British influence around 1820.

This Silver Nazrana Rupee belonged to Bahawalpur State. Its obverse flan depicts the Bust of Amir Sadiq Muhammad Khan V and a continuous legend in Persian. Its reverse flan depicts the ornate helmeted arms of Bahawalpur State. This silver coin was minted by Bahawalpur mint and the date on the coin is depicted according to Hijri Calendar 1343 AH.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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