History of Central America, by Brian Stickney

27 Feb 2018  Tue

The 35th volume of the research book about Central American money called a Monetary “History of Central America, by Brian Stickney has been published by ANS. It contains over 600 images, new and revised mintage figures, a new bibliography, and a history section of Central American numismatics organized by country.

Political, economic, and sociological events and its effects on coinage and medals in Central America are discussed in detail. Right from the discovery of the New World, to the evolution of monetary regimes, to their replacement during the Colonial and Independence eras are talked about. The new and revised mintage figures come along with historical data about withdrawals and demonetization.

The effect of international monetary conferences and unions on Central America and its coinage is also discussed. The Bibliography is updated with current scholarship and has an almost complete representation of every minted type, many of which belong to the author’s collection.

A thumbnail chronology of political and monetary events from 1500 to 1965, a glossary of terms, gold and silver production and ratio tables throughout the centuries are other aspects described in the book.

The book is priced at $99 while ANS members can buy it for $49.95.

Image Courtesy ANS

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