Charles Darwin Paper £10 Banknote to be Discontinued

22 Feb 2018  Thu

The Bank of England paper £10 notes featuring Charles Darwin will no longer be legal tender from next Thursday. People would have to use them before the deadline. The phase-out process was initiated when new polymer Jane Austen £10 notes were released in September 2017.

The Darwin banknote was introduced in November 2000. Even after the deadline, people would be allowed to exchange Darwin banknotes at the Bank of England and other major banks. People can also get their Darwin notes exchanged at Post Offices just like old round pounds and old £5 notes.

After next week, £10 and £5 notes will be produced and circulated in polymer while £20 and £50 notes will continue to be printed on paper. The new polymer £20 note would be released in 2020.

Image Courtesy Bank of England

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