Stamps Highlight Paper-cutting Art from Northern China

25 Jan 2018  Thu

4 postage stamps were issued by China Post on 24th January featuring different styles of paper cutting from northern China. Each stamp features the face value 1.2 Yuan as well.

Several postage stamps have depicted traditional Chinese handicrafts. Paper-cutting art is more preferred because of its vibrant colours and interesting motifs.

Paper-cutting techniques from Xinjiang County in Shanxi province and Yuxian county in Hebei province are featured on two stamps. The motifs are inspired by traditional local operas.

Scissor art of Heling'er County in Inner Mongolia is depicted on the third stamp. The design highlights lifestyle on the grasslands.

Paper-cutting technique from Xunyi County in Shaanxi province is depicted on the 4th stamp. The colourful design of this stamp features auspicious motifs and highlights folk tales.

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