Goddess Parvati on British Stamp

17 Oct 2020  Sat

On the occasion of Navaratri let’s get acquainted with a stamp of the United Kingdom that depicts Indian Goddess Parvati.

In the year 2003, the Royal Mail issued a set of 6 stamps in collaboration with the British Museum to commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the death of Hans Sloane who bequeathed a collection of antiquities to the nation, which led to the founding of The British Museum. The stamps were designed by Rose Design from photography by Graeme Montgomery.

British Museum houses the art pieces and antiquities of the entire world. Six of the most unique artefacts were selected to be portrayed on the stamps. Which include Coffin of Denytenamun c.900 BC [Egyptian], Alexander the Great c.200 BC [Greek], Sutton Hoo helmet c. AD 600 [Anglo-Saxon], Mask of Xiuhtecuhtli c. AD 1500 [Mixtec-Aztec] and Hakananai c. AD 1000 [Easter Island]. The stamp worth 42 pence depicts Sculpture of Parvati c. AD 1550 [South Indian].

Image Courtesy: collectgbstamps.co.uk

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