50p Snowman Coin in Great Demand

20 Dec 2018  Thu

As Christmas is almost here, people are already looking for interesting gifts online. As per some recent reports, eBay has been selling Christmas special 50p coins for impressive amounts. The Royal Mint had issued special coins in 2018 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the popular show called “The Snowman”. They are available in three versions, Silver Proof, Gold Proof and Brilliant uncirculated.

These coins feature a snowman wearing a hat and a neck-scarf, flying over a country-side along with an excited child named James. The Silver Proof Coin has a coloured reverse design. Pojjoy Mint had issued a coloured cupro-nickel coin featuring a snowdog and snowman for Isle of Man in 2014.

There is so much demand for snowman coins that one of them was sold for a whopping £300 on eBay. This particular example was supposedly an error coin as the Snowman’s scarf wasn’t green and James’s hair wasn’t bright red. 50p coins by Royal Mint are popular because of the special designs and limited mintages. One of them celebrated life and works of the great writer Beatrix Potter.

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Image Courtesy: The Royal Mint

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