Snowman Featured on Latest Coins from Royal Mint

27 Nov 2018  Tue

Winter is almost here and the season is just right to give life to your favourite snowman! The Royal Mint has collaborated with Penguin Ventures to release special 50-penny coins featuring the lead character from Raymond Briggs’ popular book - The Snowman. The coin commemorates the 40th anniversary of the book’s publication. The coins are available in three versions: Uncirculated copper-nickel, Proof .925 fine silver and Proof .9167 fine gold.

The hand-drawn illustrations of the original book are featured on the coins where the snowman flies over Brighton Pier while bright city lights and twinkling stars are seen in the background. For the first time, UK would be releasing a fully coloured coin with its Proof silver edition of the Snowman coin. The coin was designed by artist Natasha Ratcliffe who took help from Briggs collaborator, Robin Shaw.

The Uncirculated coin has no mintage limit, the silver coin has a mintage limit of 15,000 coins and the gold coin has a mintage limit of 400 pieces. The uncirculated version can be bought for £10, the silver coins were sold for £60 and the gold coins were priced at £775. Both Silver and gold coins are now sold out.

Image Courtesy: The Royal Mint

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