Silver Kori of Mahabat Khan III

01 Dec 2018  Sat

Junagadh is a city situated in the western Indian state called Gujarat. It was a Princely State during British India and was ruled by the Muslim Babi or Babai dynasty. Muhammad Sher Khan Babi was the founder of Babi Dynasty.

Nawabzada Muhammad Mahabat Khan III was the last ruling Nawab of Junagarh Princely State from 1911 to 1948 AD. According to the historians, the Nawab was well loved by his people and the state was well administered. He is credited with pioneering a conservation effort that saved India's last few lions from almost certain extinction.

This silver Kori was issued by Mahabat Khan III of Junagadh. The obverse of a coin has King's name ‘Nawab Mahabat Khanji’ in Persian script and Devanagari legend 'Shri Diwan'. The reverse of the coin depicts 1937 AD and 1298 AH date, with sword symbol and Mint name.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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