World Food Day

16 Oct 2018  Tue

To honour the date of the founding of Food and Agricultural Organisation, United Nations celebrated World food Day on 16th October every year. This day is celebrated all over the world by many organisations that are concerned by the food security.

This day was established by the FAO’s member countries at the organisation 20th General conference in 1979. Through the years world food day is celebrated with a different theme, last year it was of changes the future of migration; invest in food security and rural development. This year, in 2018 our actions are our future is the motto behind the celebration of this day. Each and every country around the globe is facing food production and generation issues. The climate changes are the key factor for these constantly developing issues.

In a country, like India were the geological diversity is so vivid and food production varied region to region. It becomes essentials to secure the sources of production and make people aware of it. To commemorate its rich food culture India Post has issued many commemorative stamps. In the feature, the image depicts the festive and regional cuisine. It is a way of the Indian Government to make people proud and aware of its food history.

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Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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