Jahangir's Coinage

24 Sep 2018  Mon

The Mughals hardly require any introduction; it is perhaps the most famous dynasty in Indian history. The coinage of the Mughal Empire occupies a unique position in the history of Indian numismatics. Endowed with the imagination and magnificence of Akbar and Jahangir that was fostered by the later Mughal emperors, Mughals presented a breathtaking example of coinage in terms of art and wealth. Here, in this session, we will see the endearing couplets which beautifully bore on the coins of Jahangir. These soulful couplets are the clear evidence was of his obsession with the Poetries. His obsession reflected excellently through his coins.

Mirza Nuruddin Beig Mohammed Khan Salim was known in history by his imperial name Jahangir. He was the fourth Mughal emperor who ruled from 1605 to 1627 AD. Among all the Mughal Emperors he was undoubtedly the greatest patron of fine arts and he took a great interest in it. It is said that Jahangir issued gold and silver coins featuring more than 50 varieties of couplets. The unparallel creation of verses and poems in the form of legend graced the ornamental face of the coins; its beauty and meaning were unique in the world.

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Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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