Ireland’s First 0 Euro Banknote

31 Aug 2018  Fri

A company from Galway named Euro Note Souvenir released Ireland’s first ‘0 Euro’ banknote in August. The Euro Souvenir depicts an image of a Celtic harp and a map of Ireland with its counties. The note has been introduced as an Irish souvenir or Irish gift. It looks exactly like a real Euro banknote with security features such as a watermark, hologram, microprint, security thread and elements that can be seen only under UV light.

The concept of “Euro Souvenir” was introduced to attract tourists and visitors. These notes depict important destinations, historical buildings or anything else that represents that particular country. A French businessman named Richard Faille introduced this concept in France in 2015. The idea was expanded and has now reached Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy Switzerland, Spain and Portugal through various businesses.

Personalized banknotes with Irish locations can be produced from January 2019 just before the new tourist season begins. Many like collecting these notes as a hobby. Out of the 5000 notes that were produced by Euro Note Souvenir in the first back, almost 2500 have already been sold to collectors before they reached the market.

The note can be purchased online for 4.99 EUR. These notes are approved by the European Central Bank (ECB) and printed by Oberthur Fiduciary in Switzerland – the official Euro banknote printing partner of the ECB. A banknote with a new picture is produced in 8 weeks while implementing reorders can take 4 weeks.

Image Source: Businesswire

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