Bank Indonesia Urges Citizens to Get Their Old Banknotes Exchanged

27 Jun 2018  Wed

Bank Indonesia has requested citizens of the country to get their old rupiah banknotes from the year 1998 and 1999 exchanged. The deadline for exchanging old notes has been set as 30th December 2018. Officials have warned that people will not have any right to exchange these old banknotes that have been withdrawn after the deadline, that is, from 31st December 2018. People can get their old notes exchanged at any representative offices of BI during working hours - 09.00-12.00 GMT.

The four banknotes that have been revoked from circulation include - IDR10,000 and IDR20,000 notes that were issued in 1998, and IDR50,000 and IDR100,000 that were issued in 1999.

The IDR10,000 note features an image of National Hero Cut Nyak Dien and the IDR20,000 depicts an image of National Hero Ki Hajar Dewantara. IDR50,000 banknote shows an image of National Hero WR Soepratman and IDR100,000 features images of Soekarno and M Hatta.

Image Courtesy: Bank Indonesia

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