Australia’s Wild and Furry on stamps!

13 Apr 2018  Fri

Animals, especially their young ones, are always fun to observe, be it in safaris or in documentaries or even on stamps! In 2001, Australia Post issued a set of 6 commemorative stamps featuring cartoons of “Wild Babies”. These stamps filled with cakes, sweets and cute baby animals depict a birthday party of Kevin, the koala bear!

It’s a fun way to learn about Australian wildlife and at the same time enjoy the perks of collecting stamps!

Now let’s see a few of these Australia’s wild and furry babies :

Cuddly Koalas: A koala bear is a herbivorous marsupial native to Australia only. As opposed to their regular diet of plain gum leaves, we see here Kevin Koala, the birthday boy, enjoying a special birthday dinner on a 45c stamp!

Screechy Cockatoos: The sulphur-crested cockatoo, which is a relatively large white cockatoo, is found in wooded habitats in Australia and some of the other islands. This stamp shows a dad and son duo dancing to a band played by other animal musicians like the bilbies and the antechinus!

Such cute stamps these are! More importantly, we got acquainted with so many of these wild animals from the “Down Under”! Do you collect stamps? We have these babies for sale! You can buy them here: Aystralian Wild Babies Stamps.

Happy Collecting!

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