Copper Coins of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb

24 Mar 2018  Sat

Aurangzeb was the third son of Emperor Shah Jahan. He sat on the Mughal throne in the year 1658 AD and ruled it until his death 1707 AD.

Aurangzeb ruled the Mughal Empire for almost half-century. During this long period of his reign, he issued the coins in all three metals: gold, silver, and copper. There are two types of couplets with are found on his coins, ‘Mihir-e-Munir couplet' and ‘Badr-e-Munir couplet'. These couplets came into the use of different dates at different mints. They were used by all mints except Akbarabad; where they were issued very late.

In copper, he issued denominations like Paisa, Half-Paisa, Quarter-Paisa, One-Eighth Paisa, Dam, Half-Dam, and Two-Dam.

This copper Paisa was issued by him from the mint Mailapur was sold for INR 25,500 by Todywalla Auction. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with the name and title of the king. Full name and title of this not properly inscribed on the coin. The reverse of the coins is inscribed with the mint name Mailapur and regnal year 51.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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