Seven Wonders of India: Khajuraho group of temples

16 Mar 2018  Fri

Located in the heart of India, the Khajuraho group of temples is a magnificent set of innovation from medieval India. These temples were the principal authority of the Chandela dynasty, they embellished these temples with sculptural grace and architectural splendour.

Khajuraho, the ancient Kharjjuravahaka, consisted of 85 temples out of which only twenty-five temples are standing in various stages of conservation and preservation today. These temples were carved in the sandstone. They were built on the principle of Shikhara style or Nagar style of architecture. These temples follow the Panchayatana layout. The Kandariya Mahadeva comprises of eight-four shikharas and is built 116 feet from the ground level.

Khajuraho has the largest group of Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic and everyday life sculptures. These temples were built over the span of hundred years from 950 to 1050 CE. This site was discovered in the 19th century, later on, it was declared one of India’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The architecture of these temples is the riots of sculpture, intricate details and symbolic designs that present the majestic glory of India. Its beauty is so splendid that no wonder it is listed as one the Seven wonders of India

India Post had issued a commemorative stamp in 1999 depicting a sculpture of a woman writing a letter. The second definitive stamp illustrates the famous Kandarya Mahadeva Temple issued in 1949.

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