King George VI

06 Feb 2018  Tue

The reigning monarch during World War II who became the symbol of inspiration for the people of the United Kingdom took his last breath today on 6th February 1952.

King George VI was the second son of, then ruling king George V and was titled as Duke of York. George VI was crowned as a king after his elder brother Edward VIII abdicated the British throne. The start of his reign was full of challenges, due to a new threat that was arising within Europe in the form of Germany.

The possibility that England would be invaded after ten centuries was a glaring reality. It was an inevitable invasion and its consequences were drastic. During this time this shuttering king was the symbol of resistance to fight against Nazi tyranny.

This solidarity became even stronger with his subject when he denied the request to shift the royal family to Canada when the whole country was facing the heat of World War II. The pressure and the stress of war took a toll on the king’s health and was made worse by heavy smoking.

This habit subsequently developed into lung cancer, George VI was found dead in his bed on the morning of 6th February. During that time his elder daughter was in Kenya and after listening to this news flew back to England as Queen Elizabeth II.

George VI was the King of the United Kingdom and her Commonwealth’s the traces of this reign can be seen on the Monterey and postal systems of the various countries. The silver rupee of George V issued in India is one of the fine examples of his coinage. The stamps issued in British India are also fine specimens. Royal Mail has issued a stamp featuring their beloved King in 2008.

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