King George VI

14 Dec 2016  Wed

There is great weight in the modern times of being monarch, the scrutiny and access is much more than in times gone by.
- By King George VI

Europe just came out of the World War I and was facing Economic crisis and Great depression. After the death of King George V, the Throne of England and her commonwealth were abdicated by King Edward VIII and so the Duke of Yolk became King George VI in 1936.

Today on 14 December 1895 King George VI was born. King George VI was known as the stuttering Sovereign, A cruel fate for a King and the irony on top of that his reign saw the revolution in communication and for the first time, the subjects could listen to their monarch in their home through wireless sets.

This technology didn’t allow the king to pre-record his broadcast and should be done without editing which was a huge pain and agony for a stammerer. George VI was reluctant to become king but his strong will and sense of duty were beyond appreciation. His courage with which he tried to beat his stammering became his definition.

King George VI was the last Emperor of India. It was in his reign when India gain Independence. This silver rupee belongs to Bombay mint which was issued in 1939. Its obverse depicts the bust of King George VI and a continuous legend and reverse features the denomination/INDIA/Date and floral pattern around it. This silver coin was sold for INR 600,000 by Todywalla Auction. It is about uncirculated and very rare Coin.

His courage and Will-power became a symbol for British people to stand against Nazi tyranny which had a Strong grip on Europe. Solidarity was built between monarch and his subjects when he denied the request to shift the royal family to Canada when whole England was under the threat of the Nazis.

George VI's reign saw many ups and downs but he was the best monarch in the time of crisis which was faced by England. His guidance and strong will became the biggest strength of his character, which was respected and admired by the coming generations.

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