Gold Masha of Gangeya Deva sold for INR 14,000

08 Jan 2018  Mon

This Gold Masha of Kalachuri was issued in the reign of Gangeya Deva of Tripuri. Tripuri is amongst the branches of Kalachuri dynasty.

Gangeya deva is the most famed ruler of the Tripuri branch, he issued coins in all three basic metals like Gold, silver and copper. This above-shown one Masha of Gangeya Deva depicts Gajalakshmi, this goddess of wealth is anointed by the elephants attended. The reverse side of this coin depicts Nagari legend in three lines which reads ‘Srimad Gangeya Deva’ within the dotted border.

This gold Masha was sold by Classical Numismatic Gallery on 15th December 2017.

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