Monuments on Roman coins part 5: Arch of Claudius

04 Jan 2018  Thu

Emperor Claudius, the 1st Emperor of Rome born outside Italy, was an ambitious builder. Claudius constructed many roads, aqueducts, Arcs and canals across the land. His conquest of Britain marked him in the history as a conqueror. His victory over Britain was commemorated by the erecting the Arch of Claudius.

This arch was constructed in AD 51 and was called as the Triumphal Arch. Thought today this arch is lost, the inscription is safe in the Capitoline Museums. The structure of this arch can be reconstructed through coins.

The gold Aureus of Emperor Claudius depicts this arch on the reverse side. The above-shown coin is a fine specimen which depicts this arch. The obverse of this coin depicts the bust of Claudius. This type of coin was issued in AD 46-47 and also in AD 49.

Emperor Claudius also constructed arches of Aqua Virgo and late on, his victory over Germany was commemorated by erecting yet another arch.

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