Redesigned Coin Featuring Saudi Arabian Oil Refinery Plant to be Auctioned

04 Jan 2018  Thu

Stephen Album Rare Coins’ auction No. 30, is going to offer a unique mid-20th-century Saudi Arabian silver coin, graded About Uncirculated, from 18th to 20th January in Santa Rosa, California for an estimate of $150.

The silver riyal was issued between 1935 to 1950, during Abd al-’Aziz b. Sa’ud’s rule, and was struck in Makka al-Mukarraman (Mecca). The coin has a standard obverse design but a customized reverse design.

The re-engraved reverse design features an oil refinery, with the text SARP which stands for Saudi Arabian Refinery Plant, and the date 1364 / 1945. It has a piercing at the top for suspension.

Saudi Arabia employed American oil workers from the 1940s to the 1970s. A local engraver used to redesign one side of silver coins and riyals.

The offered piece is one of these altered coins which was released probably to commemorate an event or for good luck.

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