Kaushambi Coin sold for INR 3,600

30 Dec 2017  Sat

The land of the Vatsa people in the middle Ganges Valley with its capital at Kausambi was among the important trade centres of ancient India. After the end of the reign of the Mauryas and the retreat of the Sungas from the Gangetic plans, Kausambi established itself as a strong independent civic centre. Let’s have a look at one of the coins of Kaushambi.

This Cast Copper coin of Kaushambi (c. 200 BC) depicts the lanky bull to the left, the front of the triangular headed standard, four nandipadas on right. The reverse has a tree in the railing, Ujjaini symbol, six arched hills, wheel, taurine and swastika symbol. It was sold for 3,600 at Todywalla Auctions.

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