Andean Condor on Latest 1-nuevo-sol Coin from Peru

28 Dec 2017  Thu

10 million new circulating commemorative 1-nuevo-sol 7.32 grams coins were released by Peru celebrating the Andean condor on 13th December. It is the third in a series that was introduced in 2017 celebrating Peru’s threatened wildlife. Earlier 1-nuevo-sol coins will continue to be legal tender.

The obverse features the coat of arms of Peru, a legend that translates to “Central Reserve Bank of Peru,”, “2017”, and an inscribed polygon of eight sides. The reverse features a flying Andean condor. A silhouette of a chain of Cordillera de los Andes mountains is shown in the background. A geometric design of vertical lines, the national Mint’s mark, the scientific name of the Andean condor, Vultur gryphus, the denomination numerals, the name of the monetary unit and a symbol of the series - Concentric circles with a hummingbird are also featured.

Coins from the series featuring Andean spectacled bear were released on 19th July and coins featuring Tumbes crocodile was released on 8th November.

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