Snowy Owl on Postage Stamps

27 Dec 2017  Wed

New stamps from Norway, Finland, and Poland feature the Snowy Owl. On 2nd January, Norway released a snowy owl 21-krone stamp in their series of Bird definitives. A non-denominated domestic-rate stamp featuring a great gray owl and a 48k stamp depicting a rough-legged buzzard were also added to the same series. Officials said that unlike the snowy owl from the Harry Potter films that follows the hero in times of trouble, they actually spend a lot of time catching mice. They also stated that snowy owl is a rare visitor in Norway and its breeding frequency occurs during lemming years.

Finland is going to release issue its snowy owl non-denominated stamp on 28th February as part of a World Wildlife Fund set which celebrates animals of the Arctic. There is a map of Finland on the upper right which means that it is a domestic-rate stamp. The WWF logo appears in the lower left. Domestic-rate stamps depicting Arctic fox and salmon will also be added to the set.

Poland released a pane of four stamps worth 5 zloty each and four labels featuring the snowy owl, the little owl, northern hawk owl and long-eared owl on 30th November.

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