Austrian Mint’s 2018 New Year’s Coin

27 Dec 2017  Wed

The latest 5-Euro New Year coin 2018 by Austrian Mint “Löwenkraft” features a lion. The coins are available in silver and copper versions and are a lucky charm for the New Year. The lion imagery is a 650-year-old tradition of Austria which denotes strength, courage, and confidence.

It appeared in a booklet of the gospel book completed by Johannes von Troppau in 1368. It is showcased at the Austrian National Library and is written in gold. It is the oldest surviving manuscript which was with Habsburg. The Codex is the first book of the Austrian National Library which also celebrates its 650th anniversary in 2018.

The nine Coat of Arms are featured on the value side of the nine-cornered coin. The quality Hand lifted silver coin can be purchased for 18.60 euros while the copper version costs 5 euros.

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