Tripura Tanka gets 3,30,000!

26 Dec 2017  Tue

The rulers of Tripura assumed the title ‘Manikya’. It was first taken by the founder of the dynasty, Ratna Manikya in 1280 AD.

Krishna Kishore Manikya was one of the rulers of Tripura who ruled from 1830 AD -1849 AD. Not much is known about him. This beautiful well-inscribed coin was issued by him. It is a silver tanka weighing 10.34 grams. The obverse has a lion facing left, trident on the back, a date on three sides around the lion, all within the circular border of petals with three vertical lines each. The reverse bears the Bengali legend ‘Radha KrishnaPa/de Sri SriYuta Krishna/KishoraManikya De/vaSri SrimatiRatnaMa/la MahaDevyau’ within the circular dots.

This silver piece was sold for INR 3,30,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery!

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