Highlights at Mudra Utsav, Kolkata

26 Dec 2017  Tue

Mudra Utsav is an annual exhibition cum sale of beautiful coins organised by the Numismatic Society of Calcutta. It was held at Haldiram Banquet in Ballygunge from 22nd to 24th December this year. 13 exhibitors displayed their collection of rare coins and banknotes at the event.

Highlights from the exhibition include coins struck under the regime of Alexander when he invaded the Indian subcontinent in 327BC; the first punch-marked coins of India from the times of 16 mahajanapadas (6th century BC), a diamond-studded coin celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 70th wedding anniversary etc.

Basant Rathi displayed the changing designs of Re 1 note since it was first introduced on 30th November 1917. He also showcased his collection of British India gold coins, like the 1835 double mohur that was never circulated.

Anup Mitra exhibited his collection of ancient India coins while S.K. Bose showcased early coins of Bengal, like the first punch-marked coin which is almost 2000 years old.

Ujjwal Saha displayed his amazing collection with an Alexander coin along with Gupta and Kushan Empire coinage.

Secretary Ravi Shankar Sharma shared his tips to identify fake coins with his exhibits. He said that East India Company coins of 1616 or 1818 do not exist as Uniform coinage with Coat of Arms was introduced in 1835. Each Presidency issued coins separately before that.

Alok Goyal had a coin with 70 diamonds worth £13,500. He also had a sheetlet on silver foil of four Australia stamps with holographic print. The digital replica of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa on a 30x50cm silver sheet along with an Ivory Coast stamp, issued in 2017 costs Rs 4.2 lakh.

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