Rare Swiss Stamps Sold by Corinphila Auctions

26 Dec 2017  Tue

Rare Swiss stamps were offered by Corinphila auctions on 10th and 11th November. An 1850 Swiss Rayon II federal administration stamp with a black frame around the cross was sold for $84,000. A similar stamp on a cover was sold for almost $156,000.

A vertical pair of the 1843 Double Geneva stamp made of two left halves of the stamp on a fragment was sold for $96,000. Generally, the pair is found in a horizontal position with unsevered left and right stamps.

The 1849 4-centime Geneva stamp on ca over was sold for $25,200. Two 1845 stamps from Basel on a cover sold for $26,400 and $43,200. A strip of four federal administration “ORTS-POST” 1850 stamps on a cover was sold for $28,800. Three 1850 “POSTE LOCALE” stamps on a cover were auctioned for $31,200.

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