The First Christmas Stamp

22 Dec 2017  Fri

The festive season of Christmas is celebrated worldwide in many diverse ways but with equally spirited enthusiasm. Hundreds and thousands of letters and gifts are passed from one part of the country to the other.

Every year, many Postal Services come up with a varied range of beautifully expressive Christmas stamps. You might have organized a big collection of these colourful stamps, over the years. But, have you ever wondered when was the first Christmas Stamp issued and how was it?

It is widely considered that the first official Christmas Stamp was issued in 1898 in Canada. The stamp comes with the denomination of 2 cents and was originally meant to celebrate the inauguration of the Imperial Penny Postage rate.

The main feature of the stamp is the world map highlighting the extent of the British Empire. The stamp mainly shows the might and valour of the British Empire which is emphasized by the text at the bottom stating, "We hold a vaster empire than has been".

At the bottom of the map, words “XMAS 1898” are engraved showing the year of issue. This stamp is the oldest recorded stamp commemorating Christmas, which makes it the first stamp of the Festival.

Ps: Coincidently, the stamp is completing its 120th anniversary!
Happy Christmas to all!
Keep Collecting!!

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