Indian Stamps celebrates ‘National Mathematics Day’

22 Dec 2017  Fri

What would you do without the number 0?
‘0’ plays a central role in mathematics. It is used as a placeholder in place value systems. Aryabhata is credited with the invention of the number zero. But do you know India celebrates 22nd December as the ‘National Mathematics Day’? in 1887, a great mathematician was born in India. He is none other than Srinivasa Ramanujan. His birthday is celebrated as National Mathematics Day.

Now let us see what Ramanujan has contributed in the field of mathematics. He had an instinctive knowledge of mathematics and he had worked on his own without any ones help. His mastery in certain areas of mathematics was widely accepted and was appreciated by the contemporary mathematics. His die-hard works include Bernoulli numbers, hypergeometric series, elliptic functions, etc.

To honour this great mathematic personality, India Post issued two stamps of both having the face value of INR 5. One stamp depicts the portrait of Ramanujan with his name in Roman and Devanagari. While the other portrays the maths formals with the number and his portray on the right.

So, let’s make our basic maths strong and celebrate Ramanujan’s birth centenary.

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