The Best Religious Issue of the Year

18 Dec 2017  Mon

The best religious stamp of the Year 2017 has been chosen and announced. The award was received by Kosovo’s Stamp featuring Mother Teresa.

Every Year or so St. Gabriel award is given to the best religious stamp. This year, Kosovo – a tiny country in the central Balkan Peninsular region won the race. The stamp was issued on 15th August 2017, to honour the canonization of Mother Teresa as a saint.

Designed by Dijana Toskas and Hilmijeta Apuk this € 2.10 stamp shows a portrait of Mother Teresa praying and includes words from her poem Farewell, written while she was first travelling as a missionary to Calcutta. “I am now tied to the silence of Loneliness”.

Through this postage stamp, Kosovo honoured one of the greatest figures in the world.

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